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The Blüthner Style-X is approaching the end of its first regulation. The next job will be to weigh the action to ensure an even touch weight.

After weighing, I will tune the piano once more before fitting the dampers. The next job will be to sit and play the piano for a few hours to get the action settled, and start work on toning the hammers.

As you can see in the picture, the key spacing isn’t correct at this stage – this is one of the things that will be addressed during the second (fine) regulation. The letters on the front of the key frame refer to different thicknesses of washer (which are used to adjust the height of the keys) on the balance rail – Blue, Green, Paper, and Telephone…!

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New parts…

Testing new action parts for the Style-X. I’m using little bulldog clips to simulate the weight of the hammer, and playing around with the geometry of the action to find a setup that induces the least friction, and the most  movement from the hammer – whilst at the same time giving enough control and repetition without the feel of the action being too heavy…. All good fun!

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Assembling the action…

Re-fitting the keys to the keyframe. It’s very important to make sure the keys move properly, so each bushing will be eased or tightened to ensure frictionless movement, but without any slack. It’s a fine balance…!

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Tuning crank….

Starting the fine tuning on Blüthner N0.72917.

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Blüthner keyboard….



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Blüthner Patent action…

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Blüthner keys….

Having re-bushed the keys, here I’m “easing” the bushes to ensure the keys move correctly, and without resistance.


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Casting lamp…

One of many tools used in regulating the action.

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