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Blüthner Style-VII completed…

I started work on this particular piano about five years ago, but life and other pianos kept pushing it down the queue! I’m pleased to say that Blüthner No.81880 is now complete, and will be available to view at Handel Pianos from tomorrow.

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Bechstein legs

I was sent a set of Bechstein legs that had been boxed (to convert the turned legs to square tapered). I am converting the legs back to the original design, and have just finished rebuilding the octagonal tapered centres. The next job will be making the turned sections. Strangely, the lyre remained untouched…

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Bechstein rebuild started…

A “new” piano arrived this week – a c.1898 Bechstein in Rosewood.

Pictured here are the frame supporting posts, removed and numbered preceding removal of the old soundboard (which is in a very bad way!).

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Blüthner Style-VII completed…
Bechstein legs

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