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Bechstein legs

I was sent a set of Bechstein legs that had been boxed (to convert the turned legs to square tapered). I am converting the legs back to the original design, and have just finished rebuilding the octagonal tapered centres. The next job will be making the turned sections. Strangely, the lyre remained untouched…

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Lyre parts…

Lyre box for the Blüthner Style-X – mahogany to match the legs. I was able to salvage the centre section the holds the pedals, but had to move the holes (which havn’t been drilled yet in this picture) for the rods as they had been badly positioned, causing the rods to bind in the guide bushes.

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After rather a lot of re-building and cleaning, the casters for Blüthner No.83988 now look like this…

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Last leg…

Last of the legs for Blüthner No.83988. Seen here with the depths marked, ready for the final shaping of the caster end of the leg.

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New leg…

The back leg for Blüthner No.83988. The black marks are places where the original leg is showing through the turning. These will be cleaned out and filled at the next stage, then “flutes” will be added to the long tapered part of the leg.

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Boxed legs…

Un-boxing to reveal what’s left of the original legs on Blüthner No.83988. In the 1920’s it was the fashion to have square legs on furniture, so many pianos with turned legs were “enhanced” in this way….

Written on January 26th, 2012. 2 Comments

New lyre column….

The first of two new lyre columns being turned from beech. To replace a pair of non-original square columns fitted to Blüthner No.83988 some time in the 1920’s.

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