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Tuning my Bechstein “A”…

This particular model of Bechstein seems to confuse my electronic tuner – something to do with the scaling and bridge design in the second section. So this afternoon I decided to tune the piano aurally, which is something I haven’t done for a long time. It was rather liberating to be honest! I found myself remembering my apprenticeship days sitting amongst a sea of pianos while I learned to tune with all sorts of workshop noises going on around me (good practice for tuning in restaurants and so on!).

I’m definitely out of practice, but was happy with the result. Probably the last tuning I’ll do before Christmas, so I’m glad it was such a nice piano! Along with my Fujan carbon lever, I also got to try my new 30mm wide felt wedge. It’s so nice to use good tools.

You can see the piano here (apologies for the first picture – someone leaned against the keys whilst taking the pic, so it looks like the hammers are out of regulation!)

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Bass hammer…

Hammer No.1 prepared to be fitted to Blüthner No.83988. The hammer has been “spliced”, which is the name given to the process of cutting a chamfer into two of the edges of the bass hammers. The reason for this will become clear in later pictures…

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Key bushes…

New guide bushes fitted to all the keys, front and balance (middle). Later in the re-build, the bushes will all be adjusted to the correct tolerance to allow the keys to move freely, but without wobbling…!

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