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Carving notches…

The first job I did with my early Christmas present was to carve the notches on the Style-X bass bridge. Having done this, the bridge pins were fitted, the tops filed flat, then the notches were varnished, and the tops of the pins lacquered.

Written on December 17th, 2012. 1 Comment

Bridge carving…

A little extravagant perhaps, but I decided to buy myself an early Christmas present – a 15mm Japanese white steel chisel. It will only ever be used for carving the notches in bridges.

If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see the blade is laminated – flexible but tough steel on the back to support the much harder white steel cutting edge. It had not been sharpened in this picture, but after some time sharpening and honing the edge, it was sharp enough to shave with. A very nice tool to use!

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Bass bridge…

Bass bridge on the Style-X has now been drilled. Next job will be to apply coats of black lead (to help the strings slide over the top of the bridge when the piano is tuned), carve the notches, and fit new bridge pins.

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Style-X soundboard finished…

Lettering and final coats of varnish applied. Next job will be the fine fitting of the frame, followed by cleaning up the treble bridge, and carving the top of the new bass bridge.

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Busy workshop…

Soundboard shaped to fit the case, and bridges positioned, and rough bearing set. Just about to glue the bridges on, then start varnishing the underside of the board. Tomorrow the board will be glued into the case.

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New bass bridge…

New maple bass bridge blank completed, seen here next to the old bridge on the bandsaw. Notice the new bridge is a few millimetres taller than the old one – this is to give me some material to play with when setting up the bearing a little later in the rebuild.

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Bass bridge…

Rough cut Maple to build a new bass bridge for the Blüthner Style-X. Seen here just before the top piece was thicknessed to produce a bridge of the correct height.

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Stringing the Brinsmead….

A fine game played slowly….! The screw thread tuning system (known on upright pianos as a “top tuner” – because the threads point straight up) is very stable, but rather tricky to work with at the stringing stage.

Also note the newly capped treble bridge.

Written on August 19th, 2012. 4 Comments

Frame fitted…

The newly fitted frame seen here tied down (all screws fitted), awaiting “dressing” (fitting the wooden and felt parts).

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Fitting the new soundboard…

New soundboard fitted (Blüthner No.83988). Next job will be to shape the front edge, sand and seal the board, and apply the new transfer and serial number…

Written on February 27th, 2012. 0 Comments

Bridge positioning….

Callipers set up to position the bridges on the new soundboard.

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Bass bridge…

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