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Bechstein legs

I was sent a set of Bechstein legs that had been boxed (to convert the turned legs to square tapered). I am converting the legs back to the original design, and have just finished rebuilding the octagonal tapered centres. The next job will be making the turned sections. Strangely, the lyre remained untouched…

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Bechstein rebuild started…

A “new” piano arrived this week – a c.1898 Bechstein in Rosewood.

Pictured here are the frame supporting posts, removed and numbered preceding removal of the old soundboard (which is in a very bad way!).

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Tuning my Bechstein “A”…

This particular model of Bechstein seems to confuse my electronic tuner – something to do with the scaling and bridge design in the second section. So this afternoon I decided to tune the piano aurally, which is something I haven’t done for a long time. It was rather liberating to be honest! I found myself remembering my apprenticeship days sitting amongst a sea of pianos while I learned to tune with all sorts of workshop noises going on around me (good practice for tuning in restaurants and so on!).

I’m definitely out of practice, but was happy with the result. Probably the last tuning I’ll do before Christmas, so I’m glad it was such a nice piano! Along with my Fujan carbon lever, I also got to try my new 30mm wide felt wedge. It’s so nice to use good tools.

You can see the piano here (apologies for the first picture – someone leaned against the keys whilst taking the pic, so it looks like the hammers are out of regulation!)

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Key weighing…

After rebuilding the action for my Bechstein “A” Sheraton, and fitting new hammers, a few of the keys were too light touch wise. I removed an old key lead, plugged the hole (you can see the new plug just behind the black portion of the key), then re-assembled the action with the newly plugged keys in place.

In the picture here you can see the 52g touch weight on the front of the key, and a new 15g lead resting on the top of the key near the balance point, with a mark on the side of the key ready for drilling.

The finished piano can now be viewed at Handel Pianos.

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Wrest plank…

Polishing the new wrest plank for a Sheraton Bechstein model “A” grand. Another late night in the workshop!

Note the old plank just behind (underneath all the tools) being used as reference for the new plank.

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1896 Bechstein grand piano re-built in 2011

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1896 Bechstein grand piano re-built in 2011

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Bechstein No.43292

1896 Bechstein - desk detail

Bechstein Grand, No.43292 c.1896

Re-built as new. Rosewood, 6’7″ (197cm)

Work included – new soundboard, wrest plank, hammers. Full action re-build. Bare wood polish (open grain, satin waxed to finish)







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