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The Blüthner Style-X is approaching the end of its first regulation. The next job will be to weigh the action to ensure an even touch weight.

After weighing, I will tune the piano once more before fitting the dampers. The next job will be to sit and play the piano for a few hours to get the action settled, and start work on toning the hammers.

As you can see in the picture, the key spacing isn’t correct at this stage – this is one of the things that will be addressed during the second (fine) regulation. The letters on the front of the key frame refer to different thicknesses of washer (which are used to adjust the height of the keys) on the balance rail – Blue, Green, Paper, and Telephone…!

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Blüthner Style-X hills…

Fitting “hills” to the underside of the new WNG levers (which are also known as a “whippen” or “repeat”) in the Style-X. The action is almost ready for assembly and regulation…

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New hammers…

Strike hammers (guide hammers for positioning the remaining 82) for the Blüthner Style-X. They were custom made for the piano by Abel in Germany. The felt is Abels “Natural” quality, which uses less processing than normal hammer felt, resulting in a hammer that is easier to work with for toning, and hopefully longer lasting and more resilient.

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Keyboard work…

A new job for me on the Style-X – the keys have been pretty badly abused over the years (including a cigarette burn to two of the keys…), and the sides need replacing. You can see here, I’ve sawn about 1.5mm off the side of this key. It will then be built up with wood which I recycled from the old soundboard.

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New parts…

Testing new action parts for the Style-X. I’m using little bulldog clips to simulate the weight of the hammer, and playing around with the geometry of the action to find a setup that induces the least friction, and the most  movement from the hammer – whilst at the same time giving enough control and repetition without the feel of the action being too heavy…. All good fun!

Written on September 24th, 2012. 4 Comments

Brinsmead action…

Assembling the Brinsmead action. Seen here, the first of the hammers being screwed into place. Note the second flange under the hammer flange – this is the assembly used for the hammer “setoff” (the distance from the string that the hammer ceases to be powered by the piano key). Adjustment is by simply turning it by hand – no tools needed.

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Brinsmead hammers…

I don’t often see moth damage this bad on hammers – usually the felt lower down in the action bears the brunt of any moth infestation. New hammers have been made (by Abel in Germany) to replace the originals.

Here, I’m in the process of removing the old hammers, and cleaning the shanks ready for fitting the new set of hammers .

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Mid way through the initial regulation of Blüthner No.83988. Here I’m doing a rough adjustment of the “setoff”, on the work bench.

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Hammer assembly…

The hammer seen here with flange and “Abstract” fitted.

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Bushing hammers…

Hammers fitted. Here, I’m making new bushes to hold the “Abstracts” in place.

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Abel hammers…

Fitting the new hammers to Blüthner No.83988. The hammers are made by a company called “Abel”. The wool used for the felt is best quality Marino, and the wood in these hammers is Hornbeam.

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Blüthner Patent action…

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