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New hammers…

Strike hammers (guide hammers for positioning the remaining 82) for the Blüthner Style-X. They were custom made for the piano by Abel in Germany. The felt is Abels “Natural” quality, which uses less processing than normal hammer felt, resulting in a hammer that is easier to work with for toning, and hopefully longer lasting and more resilient.

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New Brinsmead hammers…

Fitting new hammers to the Brinsmead action. Very unusually, this piano has mahogany shanks – most piano makers use hornbeam for this part.

I’m assuming Brinsmead decided to use mahogany as it’s a little lighter than hornbeam, and would result in an action that responds slightly better to being played quietly – however, it certainly isn’t as robust. (I also noted there is a lot of mahogany in the rest of the piano too, so it could simply be that Brinsmead was making use of the materials he had to hand!)

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Brinsmead hammers…

I don’t often see moth damage this bad on hammers – usually the felt lower down in the action bears the brunt of any moth infestation. New hammers have been made (by Abel in Germany) to replace the originals.

Here, I’m in the process of removing the old hammers, and cleaning the shanks ready for fitting the new set of hammers .

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Abel hammers…

Fitting the new hammers to Blüthner No.83988. The hammers are made by a company called “Abel”. The wool used for the felt is best quality Marino, and the wood in these hammers is Hornbeam.

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