Hamilton Pianos


Blüthner Style-VII grand, No.81880, c.1910.

Rebuilt as new, with black polyester high gloss finish.

Turned legs and lyre, 4-bar style music desk.

New action (WNG carbon) and keyboard (Laukhuff), Abel Natural hammers.

New soundboard (Ciresa) and wrest plank (Delignit).

Stainless Steel bass strings by EKA of Oxford.

SOLD, BUT REPEATABLE: please contact me, or Handel Pianos for details.


  1. Fred Ruter

    Seeing that all the important parts (soundboard, action, hammers and strings) have been replaced, is it still possible to talk of a special Bluethner “Golden Tone”?
    I am not at all criticising, merely intrigued – and please excuse my ignorance.

    1. Ady

      I can assure you you’re not the first person to wonder about this…! There will certainly be a difference to the sound of the piano after such extensive work, but the new soundboard is specified from the original board, scaling is the same, and hammers are very similar to the originals. I like to think that the piano sounds like it would have when it was new, back in c.1910.

      I recently fitted a new board to a Pleyel. The owner was very keen to keep the original board, but unfortunately it was inside out (concave rather than convex, with the bridges sitting atop the curve). The new board was spec’d to be identical, and I’m pleased to say he was very happy with the result, and commented on the very “original” sound the piano had.

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