New Blüthner legs…
New Blüthner legs…

New Blüthner legs…

A recently finished job – making new legs, all threaded wooden case fixtures, and lyre for a Style-X Blüthner. Beech cores, with Mahogany outers for a closer colour match to the Rosewood case. Please look here for a picture of the legs after staining and finishing. In the past I’ve used the original cores from turned legs that have been boxed – this was the first time I built legs from scratch. The original legs and threaded fittings had all been removed in the past and replaced with modern square legs.


  1. Dear Hamilton Pianos
    I have a Bluthner style VIII grand built 1900. Unfortunately the legs and lyre have been changed for something more modern. Would you be able to supply me with new legs and lyre just as you are showing here? ( I guess I would need the lyre hardware parts also. ) If so how much would that cost?

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