Blüthner soundboard work…
Blüthner soundboard work…

Blüthner soundboard work…

Such a long time since I added anything new to my website! Here’s the piano I’m currently working on. The soundboard was in rather a sorry state, and I’ve done a number of repairs to it. Seen here, just after trimming the new shims, and just before scraping the old finish away ready for sanding and lacquering.

I like the rather “snaily” shaving taken from one of the shims…!


  1. LB

    Hi, I’m buying a Bluthner piano right now, and I realized there are screws driven through its soundboard which look just like yours. I have only seen such screws in pianos which were refurbished, but I might be wrong. Are the screws from the factory, originally put in the soundboard by Bluthner, or is it an attempted fixation of the soundboard? I have seen many Bluthners with such screws on photos only though.

    1. Ady

      Screws in the soundboard are quite common in older pianos. They date back to the extensive use of hot glue, and the screws were put there as a mechanical backup. As the manufacturers got better at making pianos, they used fewer and fewer backup methods, and in modern pianos you won’t find any screws in the soundboard at all.

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