Hidden treasure…

Hidden treasure…

Today’s work was preparing the inside of the Style-X case for the frame to be fitted. One of the jobs was to scrape and sand the inside of the piano’s rim. It was originally polished black – scraping the polish away revealed some rather nice wood underneath…

I continued scraping away the old polish, then sanded the wood to a fine finish before polishing it with clear shellac. The rim came out a little darker than I’d hoped, but the piano will now have a nice piece of polished walnut to compliment the gold frame. That was a nice surprise!

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2 Responses to “Hidden treasure…”

  1. Davide says:

    I think it was entirely covered in walnut. I have an identical piano, but jubilee version and I discovered walnut under all black polished parts. But they came dark with black polish and I am thinking of making it all black as before…

    • Ady says:

      I have a feeling the black pianos were veneered in Pearwood. My Style-X was definitely not Walnut all over I’m afraid, and needed new tops and a new desk centre as the originals were damaged. As such, returning to black was really the only option!

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