Key sides…

Key sides…

At some point in the past, someone did some work on my Style-X keyboard. Unfortunately, they changed the shape of the white keys…

Seen here, I’ve removed a small amount of the original wood, and replaced it with new (actually, re-cycled wood from the old soundboard!) material.

The next job will be to cover the white keys, then shape the sides. This will return the keys to their original specification.

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  1. Recycling piano parts!! Wow, I am proud of you 🙂

    • Ady says:

      Not only piano parts, but the base of the jig in that picture is an off-cut from some building work done here a few years ago, and all the other parts of the jig came from the scraps bin in the workshop too. (Oh, except for two screws, one bolt, and a threaded insert…!)

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