Stringing the Brinsmead….

Stringing the Brinsmead….

A fine game played slowly….! The screw thread tuning system (known on upright pianos as a “top tuner” – because the threads point straight up) is very stable, but rather tricky to work with at the stringing stage.

Also note the newly capped treble bridge.

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4 Responses to “Stringing the Brinsmead….”

  1. Stelios says:


    Fascinating read your blogs on the Brinsmead with the screw thread tuning system. I’m really fascinated about this type of tuning system – wish you could post more on it. This particular model benefits from both having the screw thread tuning and being straight strung – a rare combination ! I wonder how this combination of technical solutions translated into the sonic character of the instrument.

    Would you recommend acquiring such a piano on the benefits of this tuning system alone ? What about its sound qualities ? anything to write home about ? Also, I didn’t see much about the action in your posts. I’d assume it doesn’t have the full repetition mechanism of a concert grand piano ?

    Thanks for reading


  2. Mario Igrec says:

    No two screwstringers are ever the same. Most fascinating to see this design–thanks for posting!

  3. H! Can you tell me the name of this Brinsmead top-runer, or at least its serial number? Thanks

    • Ady says:

      Goodness me – not sure how it’s taken so long to find your comment – many apologies! The serial number of the piano is 31406, so it was built c.1880. As I recall, the piano was around 7′ in length, and had a most peculiar soundboard design that allowed shape to be added after the fact by tightening a row of screws just beyond where you’d find the dummy bar (cutoff bar) in the bass front corner of the piano. I can see that properly used this feature could be helpful, but at the same time it would be very easy to wreck the piano…!

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