Brinsmead – new tuning screw…
Brinsmead – new tuning screw…

Brinsmead – new tuning screw…

The first of the new bass strings is being fitted to the Brinsmead, and also this beautifully crafted new tuning screw. I’m very thankful to a good friend of mine for all the effort he put into making this part for me. (And he’ll be very pleased to hear it fitted perfectly, and was a joy to work with!)


  1. I imagine that, without this item – apparently lost long ago – the instrument could not have been restored properly. Creating such an item from scratch, as it were, would normally be regarded as ‘too difficult’, in these days of a ‘throw-away-rather-than-repair’ response to deficiencies. The fact that the item HAS been created represents a very considerable achievement of engineering, in the best tradition of the home of the world-renowned Rolls Royce motor car and the Supermarine Spitfire aircraft!!

  2. Ady

    I think what happened was that the brass cap on one of the bass strings became wedged in the “T” handle tuning tool (supplied with the piano). Rather than replace it, the technician simply removed the whole assembly and string. I’m very glad to have been able to replace this item!

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